We are focused and represent a best and longest experience on MicroStrategy BI platform solutions in Israel as well we consult enterprise solutions abroad.

We have a clear understanding of methodology ,stages  and scale planning provided by MicroStrategy that ensures to our customers right ,by the book effective solutions on all stages of project.    

We consult and support maintenance, smooth upgrades, scale processes, on going problem resolving, disaster– recovering processes to secure sure-footed solution.

Strategy BI    is a Business Partner of MicroStrategy,  leading Business Intelligence consulting and development  company specializing in the implementation of End to End  MicroStrategy BI platform.


We are focusing  on Expertize, consulting, licensing and development MicroStrategy BI solutions  with more than 15 years of experience in wide range of businesses  types and complexity in Israel and abroad.

By MicroStrategy: "Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy is a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms. Our mission is to provide the most flexible, powerful, scalable, and user-friendly analytics and identity management platforms, offered either on premises or in the cloud".

According to Gartner, "It is very likely that 2015 will be a critical year in which democratizing access to analytics will continue to dominate market requirements and stress the need for governance. Next-generation data discovery capabilities that leverage advanced analytics, but hide its complexity to simplify business user data preparation and automate pattern exploration, are likely to be more important enablers."

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